The Secret to Saving $1000’s a Year

article-rollLet’s face it – we could all use more money.

But short of getting a big raise (fat chance), switching jobs, or winning the lottery, “more money” isn’t in the cards for most people. At least that’s the perception. Because truthfully, there are ways you can add more money – a lot more money – to your bottom line.

If you want to increase your spendable money by $1,000’s of dollars (yes, that’s thousands), there are a few really simple ways to do it, which we’ll go over in this article.

#1 – Little Known Way to Pay Off Mortgage

Here’s the deal with mortgage refinancing – right now, rates are at a historic low. Add in the government’s own Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP), and you have a situation where you can save on average $3,000 a year simply by refinancing at a lower rate.

And not only will you save money, if you wish, you can likely end up paying off your mortgage sooner. Plus, maybe even skip a payment or two at the onset of your new loan.

Lower payments every month, more money in your pocket right now and perhaps even a shorter term – that’s a win / win / win for you. That’s how powerful interest rates and the HARP program are. And the best news? Most Americans qualify.

To see if you qualify, simply take 5 minutes and fill out this fast online form.

#2 – Pay Less for Auto Insurance

No brainer here – you’re probably paying too much for automobile insurance. And guess what? Your insurance company wants to keep it that way.

But the truth is, most Americans pay far more than they should. Many insurance companies will give you a better rate based on your driving history, how many miles you drive to work, and more. If you didn’t compare companies when you got your current policy, you are almost certainly paying too much.

So how can you find out who will offer you better rates? Simple – you visit an independent, unbiased service that compares insurance company’s rates based on the criteria you enter. is such a site – it takes mere minutes to fill out their simple form, and you’ll likely be quite surprised at how much you can save.

There you have it – two different ways you can save (or earn more), which can amount to $1,000’s of dollars a year.

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