7 Great iPad Educational Apps for Kids

7-Great-iPad-Educational-Apps-for-KidsiPads can be a great distraction for the little ones when you need some peace and quiet, so why not make sure that they are learning something at the same time? As long as your kids spend time running around outside and always get in a good amount of physical activity, then there’s nothing wrong with also letting them spend some time on a good-quality educational app. In fact, it’s a whole lot better than parking them in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

If you want to try letting your child use some educational iPad apps, then here are some great ones to choose from:

 1) Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky’s Adventures

Designed by a neuroscientist, Fit Brains is a wonderful educational app made up of a collection of fun games that your child will both love and benefit from. There are over 200 different games to check out, each designed to target different areas such as memory, problem solving, and attention, all the while taking into account your child’s progress.

2) PlayKids

If you have a child who loves watching cartoons but who you wish could be learning something at the same time, then PlayKids is the perfect app for them. PlayKids contains both games and educational shows that the two of you can watch together. It can be compared to a kind of educational Netflix for kids.

3) ABC Alphabet Phonics

ABC Alphabet Phonics is a fantastic app for helping your child learn their ABCs. It’s great at keeping kids entertained by making use of the sound, touch, and sight functions of the iPad. Best of all, this app lets you record and add your own voice to the games!

 4) Laugh & Learn

Laugh & Learn is another handy learning app for the little ones that teaches letters, the numbers 1-10, music, shapes, and colors. The simple controls and cute, animated characters ensure that your toddler will have both a fun and easy time using this app.

5) Read Me Stories – Children’s Books

Education isn’t only about learning letters and numbers. A big part of a toddler’s education should also consist of finding out how the world works through stories. Read Me Stories – Children’s Books lets your child read a new book every single day. Some people might complain that iPads take children away from books, but, if used correctly, they can also be used to introduce them to a love of reading.

6) National Geographic Kids

Another great way for your child to learn more about the world is through this National Geographic Kids app. It comes with a variety of games, quizzes, photo galleries, educational videos, and even stories about animals.

7) Motion Math: Hungry Fish

Motion Math: Hungry Fish is an app that can help teach math to children who are as young as four years old. Even some parents might want to use it to brush up on their addition and subtraction skills! This app manages to make math fun and entertaining, which is usually no easy feat.