Beauty treatments courtesy of your kitchen

By J. A. Young

Beauty-treatments-courtesy-of-your-kitchenMany women spend a great deal on beauty products each month. Yet did you know you probably have many great beauty ingredients on hand in your kitchen? Many women quite prefer to use natural ingredients from home as opposed to chemicals or questionable ingredients contained in commercial beauty products. Moreover, once you discover that natural kitchen ingredients work great, you’ll be able to procure them for a fraction of the cost of most beauty products available in stores.

Many store-bought lotions contain aloe vera. The aloe vera plant is a potent natural moisturizer that can sooth and heal the driest skin. Why pay for expensive lotions with little aloe vera when you can grow your own plant and take the gel directly to apply to your skin whenever you need it? If you have a sunburn, you’ll love the cool and soothing relief of the gel from this plant that can thrive right on your kitchen window sill!

Strawberry Whitener
Smashed strawberries not only taste wonderful, but they can even enhance the look of your teeth. By mashing up strawberries and using them to coat your teeth for a few moments, you can naturally whiten your teeth and brighten up your smile. For even more whitening strength, be sure to add some baking soda and you’ll have a most potent beauty treatment for your smile. Try performing this strawberry treatment every other week and see how great the results can be.

Milky Soft Skin 
The beauty treatment of ancient queens like Cleopatra, milk can give you silky smooth skin and is far cheaper than many other types of beauty products. Simply grab a sponge and give your body a refreshing milk bath. Milk is plentiful and economical to buy. Try it out and see for yourself why the queens of old had such silky smooth skin.

Honey Facial 
If you want to enhance your skin with a radiant treatment, a honey mask is the perfect solution. Be sure to use natural honey and apply a thin coat to your face. Allow the honey mask to remain on your skin for five minutes. Afterward you can rinse your skin with warm water. Like milk, honey was used by ancient women for achieving beautiful, moisture-rich skin. Honey also has natural anti-bacterial elements that will enhance the health of your skin.

A mix of olive and sea salt makes for an excellent exfoliating scrub. The sea salt is ideal for exfoliating while the olive oil makes a splendid moisturizing agent. You’ll love how easy this mix is to make right at your kitchen table. Try it out whenever you need to exfoliate.

These tips and natural ingredients can save you money while enhancing your beauty. Try them to see why these remedies have worked for ages. If you find they work for you, you might even check into other great natural beauty treatments that you can make right at home.