The 3 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

article4 We've all been there - the relationship is over, for one reason or another. Maybe it was a long term relationship, maybe it was a short fling, maybe you are heartbroken, or perhaps you are relieved.

Either way, there are three things you should never do after a breakup. Here they are (by the way, these are viable for both women and men):

#1 - Don't go back.

It never, ever, ever works, and just delays the inevitable. Of course, going back has some appeal, because you're familiar with your ex. And humans like "familiar". But you broke up for a reason, and that reason is still going to be there. For every "go back" that works out, a million don't. The odds are stacked way against you.

#2 - Don't make new people pay for old mistakes.

Repeat after me: "This new person is not my ex". This is important, because if you let old wounds dictate how you interact with new people, you're doomed to repeat past mistakes. We are all unique, and your new boyfriend/girlfriend isn't the same person as your ex. For example, if your ex cheated on you, being insanely jealous with your new partner is not fair to them. They had nothing to do with the cheating. You have to get over your scars.

#3 - No timeframe rules, either way.

Your best friend tells you to get right back out there and meet someone else. Your mother tells you "rebounds are bad". They are both right, and they are both wrong. Do not put any artificial timeframes on dating again. Just "be", and if you meet someone, great. Because if you say "I'm not dating for six months", you may miss the ideal person who comes into your life next week, and then is gone forever because you didn't act.

Dating and relationships are fun - don't ever forget that.