Burglars Aren’t Scared of Anything — Except This

adt-article8,000 Burglaries and home invasions take place every single day. It’s just a fact of life in today’s world – there are people out there who want to steal your things, and perhaps even hurt you and your family.

Whether it’s from desperation or something more nefarious (such as a gang initiation that randomly targets your family), your home is not the castle it was in the past.

Here are some troubling points:

  • Deadbolts don’t help. They can be “bumped” (a new technique that can unlock 90% of all locks*). Or, in the case of home invasions, the invaders will just kick the door in. No deadbolt can withstand a kick-in.
  • Fido is hungry. A piece of steak (or a bullet) takes care of your dog. Sorry, but it’s true. Gang members aren’t afraid of your dog.
  • A gun won’t help either – A burglar will come when you aren’t home. And home invaders or gang members expect (and may even want) a confrontation, and are ready with their own guns.
  • Fake alarm signs are useless too – Criminals know your “electronic security” is a bogus sign. They go to Home Depot too. In fact, they know all the fake names.

However, criminals, gang members, and home invaders fear ONE thing:

And that’s getting caught. They do not want the police showing up when they are inside.

And there is only one way to ensure the bad guys know the police will show up if they mess around with your home: having a genuine monitored home security system with a name everybody knows.

Not fake signs; not something you buy in the store; but a big national name that criminals know by heart. A name that’s advertised heavily, and says “the police will come immediately if you enter”.

One of the most common national alarm companies is ADT. Companies like ADT, advertise heavily for two reasons. The first is to (obviously) get customers. But the second reason is the more they advertise, the more effective their systems are in preventing break ins and home invasions. Criminals know the name, and avoid those homes displaying the sign and stickers, because they realize the alarm system is real, and has teeth.

Thus, the lesson is simple. If you want to protect your home from criminals, go with a monitored alarm company that you already know.

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