Get “Movie Star” Eyelashes Without Makeup

smartlash-image-v1The world of beauty products was recently turned on its ear… or in this case, on its eyelashes.

That’s because Eyelash Enhancers are now available without a prescription, and have taken the industry by storm. 2013 promises fuller, thicker eyelashes for millions of people.

What Makes Eyelash Enhancers So Exciting?

The obvious question is “why not just use mascara or fake lashes?” Well, fair enough – people have been doing that for years. But Eyelash Enhancers offer something different: a way to make your own lashes fuller and thicker, without makeup or “falsies”. Just great looking eyelashes, all day, every day.

But Which Eyelash Enhancer to Choose?

Ahhh, the million dollar question – which non-prescription eyelash enhancer is the best? In searching for an answer, we found that one brand is consistently awarded five-stars by regular shoppers at (the internet’s premier skin care and beauty product store) – SmartLash.

In fact, SmartLash is the non-prescription eyelash enhancer that is mentioned again and again when asking physicians, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists about them. Indeed, world-renowned, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, MD states: “After using SmartLash for 4 weeks, my lashes are fuller and noticeably longer.” He went on to address the point that older, prescription-based eyelash enhancers caused some people irritation, where SmartLash does not: “I did not experience any irritation or discoloration on my eye lids, so I would definitely recommend SmartLash to anyone, even to those who experience eye sensitivity” he added.

How Fast do Eyelash Enhancers Work, and are they Safe?

Unlike the old prescription based eyelash enhancers, non-prescription eyelash enhancers are hormone-free, with no side effects. Instead of using harmful hormones, non-prescription eyelash enhancers like SmartLash use natural amino acids, polypeptides, and other conditioning ingredients to help your lashes look their best, naturally. You’ll get longer, fuller, lashes that resist breaking, without side effects. And you’ll get them quickly, typically within 1-4 weeks.

Testing backs this up. SmartLash, for instance, has made public its clinical study, where 46 percent of participants who used SmartLash saw a difference in their eyelashes in just seven days, and 100 percent saw a difference in 14 days. Even better, these results are substantial, with up to a 68% increase in lash length appearance.

Read the Reviews, and Decide for Yourself

You can read the Dermstore reviews on SmartLash, and see what real people are saying about this 5-star rated Eyelash Enhancer.

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