New Study Reveals 90% of Auto Accidents are avoidable with Anti-Collision Technology (ACT)

safedrive-article2Yet accident prevention experts say “It’s not that simple. You need the right Anti-Collision Technology”

A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirms what we always thought – having Anti Collision Technology in your car saves lives by preventing accidents.

But this does not apply to all types of anti-collision technology.

“This is one of the most common misconceptions.” says Rona Aharonson, CEO of Safe Drive Systems. “The idea that you can buy ‘any’ anti-collision system and expect it to keep you safe is simply untrue.”

Why is this?

Because not all anti-collision systems are created equal. Most lack adequate distance on their alerts, and fail to scan around the entire vehicle. But most important, many ACT’s will actually distract you, because they require you to look away from the road. And distracted driving is responsible for 80% of all crashes.

This is why Safe Drive Systems has developed Anti-Collision Technology that virtually addresses every flaw found in others.

  • Scan for danger up to 460 feet? Check!
  • Scan 20x per second? Check!
  • 360 degree scans? Check!
  • Intuitive alarms that naturally alert you? Check!
  • Anti-lane drift technology? Check!
  • Professional Installation by a local dealer and training in use? Check!
  • Extremely affordable (with insurance discounts too!) Check!

When drivers were asked what they wanted in an ACT, they listed 3 things—unprecedented safety, ease of use, and affordability. Safe Drive Systems provides you with all 3.

Add in generous insurance discounts (insurance companies love Safe Drive Systems), and the life-saving benefits for both adult and teenage drivers, and you have a real winner.

Be First in Line for Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive Systems is available from local installers along most of the eastern seaboard of the US, with a growing waiting list developing nationwide. To find out when Safe Drive Systems will be available in your neighborhood (and also see how much of a discount your insurance company will give you) simply take 30 seconds to fill out this form.

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