The End of Barack Obama?

article4 Barack Obama is a beaten man. You can just see it in his face. The bright, young, optimistic man that the USA elected president is gone, replaced by an unsure, tired man that is just running out the string.

Why has this happened? Why, after such an optimistic beginning, has president Obama become bogged down in gridlock, unable to do anything of note? Certainly every president has had to face opposition and partisanship - why is it different here?

The answer lies in the internet. And social media platforms like Facebook.

It's true the media turned politics into "red and blue" states before Obama. But Barack Obama is the first president to be in office with Social Media use at peak levels. And social media has forever changed things. It's allowed people to connect with others of like minds, and has driven a deep wedge between the two sides politically.

Yes, "party lines" have always been present, but there was a time when leaders reached across the aisle and worked together.

But today, it's different. The extreme, loud elements have taken hold, and Obama is feeling their wrath. When Government debt ceilings are in question every single time, there's a problem. And that's what we've seen, and likely will continue to see. The internet and social media have made it almost impossible for leaders to govern. Because their every move is analyzed and criticized immediately - by everyone. And when you get 300 million people shouting, nothing gets done. It's become that we tell our representatives "we don't care what the issue is, just oppose the other side."

Obama is the current bearer of this storm, but he won't be the last. It's a good bet that every president from this point forth will face this issue. You've heard of gridlock, but you aint' seen nothing yet!!