Rumors About the Upcoming iPhone 6

Rumors-About-the-Upcoming-iPhone-6Since the release of the original iPhone, Apple has released at least one new model of the device on a yearly basis. These new models add hundreds of new features and bring with them hardware advancements that often completely change the way people use the phone. Since the release of the iPhone 4, it seems as if people are waiting with baited breath for each new version to roll out. New iPhone models are typically released in the fall of each year, though some have seen a release as early as the summer. Even though it seems like the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c just debuted, the iPhone 6 is just around the corner. Rumors are starting to circulate about all of the different features that Apple’s new smartphone is said to include. By understanding exactly what the phone is supposed to offer, you can help determine if its something you should wait for or if you should just pick up one of the models that is already available.

One of the major rumors about the iPhone 6 has to do with the screen size of the device in question. For years, Apple released all iPhone models with the same sized screen. The company had a great deal of latitude in this regard because they essentially invented what we now refer to as a smartphone with the release of the original iPhone in 2007. In recent years, however, competitors have released phones with larger screen sizes that have seen enormous boosts in popularity. Apple responded with the iPhone 5 by changing not necessarily the screen size but the screen aspect ratio. The screen was as wide as it always was, but it suddenly became significantly longer – long enough to fit an entire extra row of icons on the device’s “Home” screen. Analysts are predicting that Apple will redesign the phone yet again and release two distinct screen sizes – one that is the same size as the iPhone 5s and one that is about one full inch larger. Analysts are predicting that the first phone to be available on the market will be an iPhone 6 that retains the same screen size as the previous model. A few months later, the larger iPhone 6 will be released to the marketplace for those who desire such a feature. If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone 6, think closely about the screen size that you would need from such a device. If you want a larger smartphone, you’re going to be waiting a few extra months for your new purchase.

Another significant modification that many analysts are predicting in the iPhone 6 would see the location of the “Sleep” and “Home” buttons move. Ever since the original iPhone model, Apple has been very specific with regards to where these buttons are located. A point of pride for the company has always been that their phone “just works” – there are very few buttons on the case to confuse users or prevent them from easily using it. The “Sleep” and “Home” buttons have always been in the same location on the top and the front of the device, respectively. Analysts are predicting that Apple will definitely change the location of these buttons with the release of the upcoming iPhone 6, though more information about exactly where these buttons might go has not yet been released. One rumor has indicated that there may not be a physical “Home” button on the device at all. The button may move to take a virtual status, similar to the virtual keyboard used to type on the iPhone.