The 10 Coolest Gadgets for Diabetics

The-10-Coolest-Gadgets-for-DiabeticsDiabetes care technology has made a lot of progress in recent years. There are now a number of gadgets designed to making living with diabetes a little easier and more hassle free. Here is a look at ten current and upcoming gadgets for diabetics.

1. iBGStar iPhone Glucose Meter
iPhones do everything else, so why shouldn’t they measure blood sugar? For $49.99, anyone can purchase an iBGStar meter to attach directly to their iPhone. This device not only measures blood sugar, it allows patients to track glucose levels, analyze glucose trends, and share information directly with doctors and health care providers.

2. Medical ID Phone Cases
For just a little more than $40, you can replace your medical identification bracelet (or necklace) with a phone case that provides the same information. Paramedics and health care providers will look at your phone case just as they would search for a medical id bracelet.

3. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Insulin Pumps
There is no replacement for a fully functioning pancreas, but insulin pumps that continuously monitor glucose levels are getting darn close. Some monitors now stick to your skin, wirelessly transmitting information to your insulin pump. The pump adjusts insulin levels, automatically, to maintain perfect glucose balance. Medtronic and Animas make outstanding CGM pumps.

4. Telcare Cellular-Enabled Glucose Meters
Cellular-enabled glucose meters use sensors on the skin to transmit information directly to a cellular network. You can then access the information directly or send it to a health care provider. Results can be viewed on any device with an Internet connection.

5. OmniPod Insulin Pump
Most insulin pumps are limited by elaborate tubing and the fact that they can’t get wet. The OmniPod solves both problems with a wireless pump and hand-held control pod. The pump, which can be worn up to three days, simply attaches to your skin and transmits data to the control pod. The pod tells the pump how much insulin to deliver and provides control over the pump. The pump is fully waterproof. You can even swim with it.

6. NovoPen Echo
The Echo is a digital insulin pen that deliver half-unit dosing. It can also monitor doses and time since your last injection so that you don’t need to remember. It is the most accurate insulin pen on the market.

7. G-Tone Watch
The G-Tone is a watch that monitors glucose levels. It is sleek and provides non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. The G-Tone takes the pain and hassle out of checking blood sugar levels.

8. MedFolio Pillbox
If you have type 2 diabetes, then you probably have to take multiple medications each day. Remembering to take everything on time can be difficult. The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox provides audio and visual cues to take pills and will even send email and text message reminders.

9. The PaQ Pump
This PaQ Pump is specifically targeted at people with type 2 diabetes who require insulin. The pump provides basal and bolus dosing features designed for people with type 2 diabetes. The only catch is that it won’t reach the market in the U.S. until late in 2014.

10. Insight Scale
Devices don’t have to be high-tech to be useful. The Insight foot care scale uses an angled, illuminated mirror to make it easier for diabetics to examine their feet. This simple device can prevent serious infection that could lead to gangrene or amputation. It may not be high-tech, but it is pretty cool.

Future Diabetes Care
The near future holds exciting advances in diabetes care. MIT, for instance, is creating nano-particle ink that can be injected under the skin to monitor glucose levels. The gadgets listed above are cool, but they are just the beginning of what technology will do for diabetes care.