These Vampires Are Sucking Your Wallet Dry

article4 Did you know that there's very likely a vampire in your house right now? Several in fact. And they are sucking you dry (well your wallet, that is.)

No, we're not talking about Count Dracula or the kids from Twilight - were talking about vampire electronics. Which are electronic devices that consume power even when they are not in use (and even turned "off".) Things like televisions, coffee makers, DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and even seemingly innocent items like a window fan... they all draw power 24/7/365.

Taken one at a time, they aren't a big deal. But collectively, they can add up to big dollars. The average household can save more than $100 a year on their electric bill by getting a handle on vampire electronics.

Ok, so which electronics are vampire electronics:

  • Cell phone chargers and docks - these draw power even when no phone is attached.
  • Televisions, and DVD / Blu-ray players - Anything that uses a remote uses power even when "off". This is because these devices must remain in "stand by" mode to receive the remote's signal.
  • Anything else with a remote - That cute little window fan you just bought came with a darling remote, right? Then it uses power even when it's turned off.
  • Your computer - If it's plugged in, it's "on".
  • Anything with a digital clock - Your microwave, under counter radio, coffee maker, etc. These all use power.

Now that we know about these vampire electronics, how do we stop them? Well, you could unplug them all when not in use, but that's tedious. Instead buy a few power strips (the type you can turn on and off) and shut these electronics down when not in use.

Not every one needs to be shut down - you probably have to leave the cable box alone for the DVR to work. And your computer might be set to back up at night. But there's no reason for your television to be drawing power when you aren't using it.

Follow these tips and save yourself $100s a year!